It is imperative that you have read, understood and agreed to comply with all the terms below before contacting me.


My rate is non-negotiable and non-refundable. Unless you have prepaid in full, my rate (minus the deposit) is to be given to me in cash in GBP within the first five minutes of our meeting. If we are in public, please make sure it is enclosed in an envelope, card, book or another discreet method. Gifts are not considered as payment.


What happens between us is at my full discretion – consent is imperative. Do not push boundaries, ask invasive questions or arrive/become intoxicated. Illegal substances will not be tolerated. Any violations will end our meeting without refund or reschedule. Aside from booking enquiries and lovely ‘thank you’ messages, I do not engage in conversations outside of our dates.


I expect you to be freshly showered when we meet. If you have not had a shower within two hours of meeting me or I determine that you need to, I will ask you to take one. I will always ask you to use mouthwash and wash your hands. This is non-negotiable. If I am hosting, you are welcome to use my facilities to freshen up again before you leave.


If I am hosting, please arrive at the agreed time – not earlier. If you are late, please let me know as soon as you can and understand that our date will still end at the pre-arranged time. Do not attempt to stay longer than we have agreed unless you have paid my in-date extension rate (£250 per hour).